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Compact Industrial S.R.L.
Mrs. Marta Popescu

Aleea Emil Botta
Nr. 4, Bl. M104
Sc. 2, Et. 4, Ap. 56
Sector 3, Bucharest
031074 ROMANIA

Tel.: +40 213 260-533
Tel.: +40 213 260-534
Fax: +40 213 260-552
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“Make the
Impossible Happen”

Unique Distillation Plant designed and successfully commissioned by i-Fischer® Engineering GmbH

Promotion of employees

Becoming effective on August 1, 2014, we are pleased to announce the promotion of two of our employees.

Launch of i-Fischer Engineering América Latina

Becoming effective on May 1, 2014, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new liaison office “i-Fischer Engineering América Latina” in Concepción / Chile.

“Dankeschön” for a brilliant year 2013

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

We are delighted to report 2013 as another highly successful year at ILUDEST/i-Fischer.
Our group's turnover has crossed for the first time a consolidated sum of EUR/€ 5.7 million.

Arab Lab 2014

A few impressions taken from ILUDEST’s and i-Fischer’s recent participation in the Arab Lab 2014 in Dubai.

Another i-Fischer® Engineering state-of-the-art ASTM-system successfully commissioned

A combination of distillation units according to ASTM D2892 and ASTM D5236 with a sophisticated extension for high vacuum operation was installed and commissioned after an intensive operator training at Thai Oil - Refinery Group, Si Racha (Thailand).


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